NEW! Hands-on Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions aren’t your “weekend training events," they cover the latest technology and techniques, instructed by key players within the industry. Those that attend these H.O.T. Evolutions take back valuable information to their hometown departments/agencies that have an exponential impact on the overall safety of countless communities around the world – they are truly something you must experience! 

If you are participating in the Hands-on Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions, it is mandatory to fill out the liability waiver and upload it to your registration dashboard. Once you are in the Registration Dashboard, select Credentials Documents to upload your liability waiver. If you do not have the liability waiver signed and uploaded, you will not be allowed on the bus until it's completed.

Did you know?! When you register for a H.O.T. Evolutions with Full Conference OR H.O.T. Evolutions & Pre-Conference Workshops Only package you gain access to JEMS AND FDIC hands-on training sessions. Click the buttons below to learn more.




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